As its name suggests “the supreme, the sublime, the highest ones,” GORENAK represents the highest-quality sagardoa or Basque cider brands.

Wearing the GORENAK black top or “txapela” means this cider meets high quality control requirements and has obtained high qualifications in a cider tasting accredited by the Fraisoro Laboratory.

There a few brands who can guarantee the best quality. Gaztañaga is one of them proving the maximum quality in ciders.


Gaztañaga sagardoa adheres to the designation of origin Basque Cider.

Elaborated 100% with natural autochthonous apples and of an excellent quality.

The ciders that include the denomination of origin are subjected to different tests to guarantee their excellence.


To achieve the best quality of the cider, it´s essential that the quality of the apples is the best.

For this reason, in Gaztañaga, we do have our own apple trees, which are take cared with mime and sublime attention. Taking into account that the demand is greater than the productionof our cider, we import apples from outside. Those apples are selected by our professionals juts to be sure we buy the best apples in the market.


In Bereziartua, we use apple varieties from Galicia, France and local apples and thanks to recent efforts to promote Basque Country’s products, we have been able to slowly recover local apple production.

We will follow the stages of washing and mashing of the apple, through to it’s pressing.


Hygienists and doctors have recorded the benefits which this drink affords.

Cider can be consumed in fairly large quantities without negative effects. In fact it protects against stones and gout.

Some doctors even indicate anti-arthritic and anti-carcinogenic properties.


We did not go unnoticed. Our cider has garnered several awards that make us work every day with more enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Thank you very much to all and to all for trusting us.

Eskerrik asko !!